Text uses an r-package called reticulate as an interface to Python and the Python packages torch and transformers. Reticulate normally installs these necessary packages automatically, however, if you receive errors indicating either of these packages are missing see below.


# To manually install the python packages torch and transformers through R, run: 
conda_install(envname = 'r-reticulate', c('torch', 'transformers==2.4.1'), pip = TRUE)

# Windows 10
conda_install(envname = 'r-reticulate', c('PyTorch', 'transformers'))

The exact way to install these packages may differ across systems. If the above does not try installing the python packages outside of R or RStudio. Please see: Python torch transformers transformers and transformers installation

If you find a good solution please feel free to email it to Oscar for inclusion above.